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Carolina to Congo Campaign Successful!

Our Indiegogo campaign was a success! With your help we raised $5,000 in less than a month. We would like to give a very special thanks go to all of the wonderful people who helped us reach our goal. We promise to bring back some dope beats from Congo.

UPDATE 9/28: the site Indiegogo interviewed us and blogged about our success! Check out the story here.

Special thanks to:

Laura Yurco
Randi Vega
Asia Vianna Mack
Precious Ogbuefi
Max Harris
Will Haines
Elliette Johnson
Leon and Areli Barrera de Grodski
Marissa Heyl
Kris Borzilleri
Juliet Jensen
Cherine Badawi
John Roche
Elaine Richardson
Mana Ogasawara
Carol Hewitt
Doug Freelon
Kane Donan Smego
Blake Tedder
Adam Gold
Will W McInerney
Sameer Abdel-Khalek
Jaisun McMillian
Kim Arrington
Brandi Stewart
Conrad Dimanche
Treat Harvey
Danae Ringelmann
M. Babyak
Nick Hagelin
James Hall
Graeme Park
Enuma Okoro
Ryan Mals
Gil McNeill
Cicely Mitchell
Roxane Gwyn
Kirsten Mullen
jocElyn ellis
Avery Climo Matthews
Kathy Kirschmann
Pat & Peter Levitin
Jacqueline Martin
Leslie Byrd
Pam Kelly
M Asante
sue and rob stevens
Pierce Freelon
Edith Brenner
Glenn Marek
Greg Levitin
Andre Vega
The Cunningham Family
54 Sound