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Ethiopia Press: PRI’s The World, MTV, Mad Decent and more!

For seven weeks we checked in with PRI’s The World to let them know how the Beat Making Lab in Ethiopia was progressing, culminating in our mid-November return to Ethiopia with Intrahealth for the International Conference on Family Planning. Check out the radio series and other press from Ethiopia below!

Week 1: “And the Beat Making Lab goes on, to Ethiopia” 
Week 2: “What happens when you mix culture, talent, health and passion? Music
Week 3: “Can you mix a masinko and a soccer game chant into a beat?
Week 4: Rap? Meh. Poetry is the rage at the Ethiopian Beat Making Lab
Week 5: How do you say hello when no one speaks the same language?
Week 6: Pitch your beat to the Beat Making Lab and join Marco and The World’s staff as they dance Azonto
Week 7: A return to Ethiopia rekindles the spirit of the Beat Making Lab

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